Overclocking on Asus P2B



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hi there, I'm currently looking into buying my own computer parts to assemble it myself.

Is Asus P2B too much for a Celeron 300A ? I would like to over clock it to 466Mhz.. any comments ?


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Yeah i got a couple for you, that is the dumest thing i've ever heard....

Just kidding... way to go it is much better to build your own system... I would recommed the Abit bh6 if you want to oc... it is sweat made to oc.. second is the asus P2B-LS because it has on board scsi, and ethernet.... which is great.. go scsi if you can float it read the part on scsi on the home page.... the bh6 is jumper less to oc which is nice, it's done from the bios...BONUS!!!!


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One problem with the jumperless boards, the bios has internal registers that set the clock speed for the cpu. These boards are inherently not as stable as boards with jumpers that use physical connectors to set the speeds. The asus p2b board is rock solid for overclocking, but the 300a will only overclock to 450 (from what I have heard). But whats 16 mhz when your looking over 400!! Not much at all. If you can, look for a local system integration firm that is into doing this kind of stuff. There is a firm where I live that builds systems like this all the time. And they will warranty and support your system if you buy from them. They will even warranty burnt cpu's from overclocking, when you buy the system from them. They will setup and configure the system and make sure it is working stable for you before you even take it home!! This is a great place for the power users.