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My brother is running an old AMD K6-2 300MHZ cpu. It runs on a 66MHZ bus. Looking on the specs of his motherboard he has a overclocking capability of either 75MHZ or 83MHZ. His clock multiplier goes to only x4.5 I tried setting the bus speed to 83MHZ and a x4.0 multiplier to get 333MHZ and running at 83 bus. The system booted fine but when windows started loading it gave me windows protection need to restart the system with same results. Same thing when setting the cpu to x4.5 and 75MHZ. I thought this cpu could be overclocked or am I doing something wrong. Any response would be appreciated.


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it probably can be overclocked a bit and you are doing the right thing but K6-2's are very bad for overclocking (hardly worth the bother now)
To get the system stable in windows you'll have to try pushing the CPU Vcore voltage up a bit to maybe 2.4 or 2.6v
watch things don't get too hot: the regulator transistors on the mobo and the CPU itself

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i had a k6 300 running at 338 easy settings 4.5X75
didn't have to push the vcore up any
but in some cases due to differnt chip cores
that the vcore has to be bumped up to the next voltage setting to get stablity

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