Overclocking k6-2 400 Advise Wanted



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I wanna clock my k6/2/400 to 500.
My kit is M537dma33 vxpro+ m/b, 128m (64 dimms, 64 Simms) Conexant softk56 modem, Matrox Mystique G/C.
I can get to 450 (6x75 @ 2.5v), runs ok on most applications. But when I'm surfin it locks up after a few minutes. Tried the 83m fsb but can't even get a screen.I've tried big heatsinks, big fans and sanyo OS-CON capacitors all over the board but at the end of the ducking fay I'm stuck at a shitty 6x66!!!
If I need a new M/B, which is the best one to go for with simm & dimm sockets.


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simm sockets on MB that supports 100Mhz FSB????
I think u need new MB. AT DFI K6BV3+ or ATX Iwill XA100plus.
With 75 or 83Mhz FSB settings U overclocking your AGP PCI (graphic) and ISA (maybe modem)slots also IDE controler and proboly that is the reason why your sys lockups. Your memory if is PC66 also is the problem. If you upgrade MB then u probobly need graphic I would recomedn V3 2K because in my expirience is the best choice for SS7 systems.


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Personally I think DFI sux, but thats just my 2 cents, but the Iwill XA100+ is a very stable O/Cing SS7 mobo! I'd go for that.. good luck and Have Fun!!



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I know the EPoX MVP3G-M has some extra bus settings that you can use with SoftFSB, but are there any different jumper settings that can enable them? (ie. 103, 115, 120)


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Pull out the slow SIMM memory, and try it again. There is a small chance the DIMM is crapping out above 66MHz. The K6-2/400, or for that matter any K6-2 chip, is difficult to overclock. They run hot and seldom are plugged into a decent motherboard. I'm guessing that your motherboard isn't using half of the memory you have anyway. I never heard of a board that supported DIMM and SIMM at the same time. I don't think it can work. Usually it needs either DIMM or SIMM, and either buffered or unbuffered memory. If it works, thats great, but I've never seen it happen. Apparently its not screwing you up too bad. The crash after a few minutes is likely due to CPU temperature, if its predictable. If you get crashes at just any time its probably the PCI bus speed causing your hard drive to flake out. Or possibly the memory is failing - but I don't think your FSB is high enough to cause memory problems. Hell, I don't know what to tell you.