Overclocking, do you lose your warrenty?



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If you over clock your cpu do you lose your warrenty or is it still valid, or does it depend on the maker?


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Yes, you will lose the warrenty, but (assuming you have a PII) as long as you don't do those wild modifications I see on the net to enable some clock multipliers, and don't have a small mound of melted silicon goo from over-zealous overclocking with the CPU running at 56.1V on an abit mobo with absolutely no liquid nitrogen cooling it. . . no one is really going to check close enough to see the difference.


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Well i was just wondering
i have a P200mmx and im getting a PII350 soon. Since i replaced a lot on my P200 i might possibley be able to make to computer out of the parts. O/C was a though for both, but probley not a realty for the PII. Thanks


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Great question, I'm glad u ask. I just blowed up my less than 1 yr old Cyrix P200+ (err... not into pieces you maniac! Somehow the FPU just didn't work... strange?) The whole cpu is still intact and doesn't smell funny.

A 30 days warranty was given by my retail store (so no luck there). I'm just wondering if Cyrix provides warranty for their chips? (Assuming they don't know what's the problem is

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Does it void the warranty, in a word YES. O/C may shorten the CPU's life. Also, I think The CPU maker and dealer tell you not to O/C for that reason. But if you need speed and risks....


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Unless you make modifications to the chip there is no way to tell that it has been o/c'ed. So even if the mfg'er says it does void the warranty how are they going to prove it?


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they do not warranty abuse. if you burn the chip by not using proper cooling, NO WARRANTY ! same applies to OC & heat damage there from.

The warranty is against manufacturing defects. you can see burned circuits with a magnifying glass but that is usually not needed to determine failure cause.

burned chips have massive circuit damage. normal failure is for a small part of the whole chip with the remaining circuits intact. burned chips have lots of circuits out.

pop em in a chip tester & the failure pattern usually tells the story.