overclocking Dell P2 300



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Can someone let me know if I am able to overclock my cpu, and if so, what are the advantages/disadvantages of overclocking.

thanks alot


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Likely, before anyone can help you, we'll need more info. First off, Your motherboard model and manufacturer would be helpful. Second, to determine whether your particular PII 300 is a Deschutes or Klamath core, we'd need to see the Sspec code from the CPU. The Sspec code is a 5-digit code, that will be printed on the CPU (ex, SL36C). If you could give us those 2 pieces of info, we would be better able to help.

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I had same one Dell PII 300mhz
Your mother board is(probably)
Intel AL440LX which only supports 66mhz bus
You got PC 66mhz Ram
You need new motherboard, new PC 100 ram

Your CPU's S-code is(probably) SL2HA Phillipines.

Forget about it