Overclocking an Asus 3800 Ultra



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I'm thinking about overcklocking (Tweaking) my Asus 3800 card.. Question is, how much do you people reccomend I increase the two frequencies?


As much as you can get away with. Unless you do something drastic, it's highly unlikely you'll fry your card.
Start off by adding 5mhz to each. Play a game for an hour, add another 5 mhz to each, play a game for an hour, repeat. Once you get to 170/210 (if you have an ultra) or so, you're probably maxing it out, or close. A non-ultra's memory might max out at 160-175, but it's still possible the core could hit 150-170. Might want to take smaller steps and use it for a day when you get to those higher numbers.

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