Overclocking AMD K2-350 with Asus P5A-B



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Any suggestions on how to "safely" boost my system?

AMD K2-350
Asus P5A-B
64MB PC-100
16MB Vodoo2 Graphic Card
56K modem
8.4 Gig HD



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A k6-2-350 should easily go to 400 (4x100).
Mine is at 2.5v but try 2.3 if your mobo does it.
After that, you can try 428 (4.5x95).

These are both stable on my cheap mobo.



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My AMD K6 2/350 on the same mobo runs very stable at 400 (4*100 at 2,2V) and 420 (4*105 at 2,4V)though I must say it gets rather hot in the last setting when under heavy load.For example when I play a game like Quake 2 it gets about 60 degr.C but until now my system never crashed.(400 setting about 55C.)Until now I've been using a standard cooler but yesterday I orderd a Cooler Master TI6-602525B which(I hope)will give me better cooling.I think that when I get my temp. down I can even go for the 450(or higher?)So hope this gives you some info and good luck.D.


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Well I don't have the same mobo but my K6-2/350 is clocked to 400MHz (4.5 X 100). It says 401MHz in Norton System Information and SiSoft Sandra benches - what's up with that anyway?

400MHz is easily attainable at 2.2v for my system and the heat only gets up to about 110 degrees fahrenheit. I would say that's a safe mark.

If you want to go to 450MHz, you'd definitely have to up your voltage and I would rather not risk that at this point.

Just my couple 'a pennies.

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