Overclocking advice needed.



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I used to be very suspicios about overclocking al together.
Now I want to try it myself, since you all sound so excited about it. I never done before so, my knowledge is limited to basic math only.

My system configuration:
Asus P2BF (specs recommend Fron bus speed @ 100MHz only with 6.0 CPU clock ration)
However, jumpers can be set as high as [email protected] which sound like 1GHz of CPU speed.
My CPU is PIII 450 (not OEM)
My RAM is 128MB PC100
other: ASUS 3800 deluxe AGP and 40Gs Western Dig HD @7200rpms (I don't think it effects overclocking anyhow)
Do I take a chance to blow this perectly working kit if I torture it at 133MHz x 8.0?
Do I need a new 1GHZ PIII? (well I might need new everything if I am out of luck)


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I sould make myself clear:
When I said overclock from 450MHZ to 1GHz,
I meant overclocking board, not the CPU
as a first step.
133MHZ with 8.0 CPU clock ratio is beyond recomended board specs. (Board's spec recommend 100MHZ & 6.0 max)
However, I was not going to leave my 450 MHZ PIII on the board with those high settings. It will not burn - it will definately explode. I oviously wanted to get a new PIII 1GHz CPU.
Or that won't be called overclocking?
If that would work, next thing I probably tried is to set 1GHZ CPU run at a bit higher frequency.


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You will most definitely not be able to overclock your processor to 1gig. The reason, first of all, I have never heard of a chip getting a better than 100% overclock. Second, Intel chips are clocked locked. This means that you cannot change the multiplier. Even if you change it on the board, the chip will only run at it's default. The only way to OC Intel chips is to raise the fsb speed. You will have to raise it a little bit at a time until the computer becomes unstable. Then drop it back to the step below that. Let us know if you would like this explained further or if you have any other questions. Good luck.



you may be lucky and hit 600 with that chip, cause overclocking is not a precise science, and all cpus are not equal, my Athlon 1.4 for instance, does 1.74Ghz with realitive ease, but most don't.
As chips are realeased, they usually come in higher speeds, and are in most cases capable of a little more, some alot more (i.e few hundred Mhz) chips such as a k-6 2 500 will do only 50Mhz more in the majority of cases, and chips like duron hit 900-950-1Ghz regardless of speed, some older 600-650's even beat 700-800 chips and overclock higher. to achieve higher speeds, cooling and voltage are the necessary components, though SOME chips go much higher than rated speed at default voltage, once again in the majority of cases more voltage is needed till the core hits it limit and no matter how much voltage is added it won't clock higher.

While not an intel man myself, i don't think your board will support a Gig p3, plus its a 133x7.5 clock for 1Ghz

does the board clock bus speed higher? i think 133Mhz may be a long shot? or just maybe it unofficialy supports it
can it support a coppermine pentium 3? cause 1Ghz is a coppermine core
check for a BIOS update for your board