Overclocking a K6-3



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I just got a K6-3 400mhz CPU and want to overclock it to a 500mhz. I've never overclocked before (I know how) but I'd appreciate advise on what fans to use, other cooling systems, is it even possible, etc... I'm doing it with an Epox MVP3G board. Thanks.


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I have the exact same setup one one of my machines.. same chip and mobo.. and good cooling. 450 is no problem.. I can do this with multiplier only. I have tried changing the FSB to 112.. but for some darn reason it benchmarks better only changing the multipier. ( only slightly) I gave it no voltage increase at all... although some people doing the same thing bump it up .1
I am stable as all get out running like this. But ummm I really dont think you will make over 450.. not to many people have. My chip runs so well at 450 that I wonder if I got a 450 marked as 400? well, anything is possable. Also I only run about 5 degrees F over room temp running like this. Not to shabby. One thing you have going for you is the Epox mobo..... GREAT BOARD! I am no overclocking expert at all... this is the first chip I ever overclocked.. but I have done a lot of reading on OC'ing the K6-III.
I will leave you with a good link for cooling. If you have any questions.... well I will give you my personal email address. ( its not listed on my profile ) [email protected]
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good luck!