Overclocking a Celeron 400Mhz on Abit BH6 M/B



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Hi, Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is it possible to overclock a Cel 400m slot1 processor using an abit bh6 motherboard? I have tried adjusting the bus speed/multipler using the CPU soft menu but the machine just locks on turn on when trying to identify the cpu. even with the Turbo option enabled.

Anyone got any ideas or has done it??
any help appreciated.



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never done it, but i got a few idears. first off give the forum the max amount of info on your system possible. likes so:

cpu type speed
memory type speed
harddrive "" ""
video card
sound card
any other cards

also try upping the voltage on your motherboard. i think the standard is 2.0 for celery 400??? well try setting your jumpers on the motherboard to 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. but i wouldn't go too high, unless you have sufficient cooling.


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okay, heres the stuff
(at work so cannot check make on some)

celeron 400m slot1
abit bh6 m/b
128mb ram PC100
creative Riva TNT AGP (tnt1)
sound blaster live pci
10G seagate 3/5" ide drive UDMA66

adjusting cpu voltage has no effect (default is 2v) the machine just will not even power up after changing the cpu speed (even making it slower!

I have also tried covering pin B21 (as described on Toms Hardware page) but the system hangs identically and will not even power up the monitor.

Its got me stumped. I though the BH6 boards were quite good for clocking celerons....