Overclocking a 400Mhz PII w/BH6



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Anyone want to run me thru how to overclock my P2-400 on a Abit BH6 motherboard? Its the jumperless software configurable one. I was told its not possible then I was told it was.


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You can do it in the CPU soft menu in the BIOS (hit the DEL key when first boot screen comes up for the cpu test). You have to leave the Multiplyer at the same number (4.0), but you can up the bus speed. Set it to user define, use the 4.0 clock multiplyer. Now you can enable the turbo frequency which will run the bus at 103mhz and give you a CPU speed of 412mhz. Next choice is 112mhz. Set it to 112mhz bus which will give you 448mhz. I dont recommend setting it higher than that though. 117mhz and 124mhz bus speeds are risky. Just make sure to test it thouroughly at each bus speed you set to make sure it is stable. Also, make sure you use the AGPCLK/CPUCLK setting to 2/3 if you have an AGP card. If you get a little instability, try raising the core voltage of the CPU in small increments until it is stable. Dont take the voltage up much higher than about 2.1v unless you have a better cooling solution on the chip.

DISCLAIMER: Just remember, overclocking can damage your system components, and is not recommended. You are responsible for any damage that you do to your stuff if you overclock, and the manufacturers will void the warranties.

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