Overclocking 466 on BP6?



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Hi everyone, I am just about to get an ABIT BP6 (dual-celery), and I was just wondering how good are they on overclocking, (sounds like a dumb Q,since it has Softmenu II™ and separate voltage settings for each processor but I would like to hear from ppl's experience overclocking it.) I'm gonna put 466 celerys on it, Could it do a 550 easily?


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I can't speak personaly about the BP6, but I understand set-up wise it is same as other Abit boards..

I would not expect more than 525 from 466 though... (FSB = 75).. the 7 multiplier on the 466 is a bottleneck..

7 x 83 (581) and 7 x 100 (700) are pretty unrealistic..

If you want to do 550, get a couple of the pretested 366's... They are going for about the same price as a retail 466...

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Go with the 366 Celerons and run them at 550 MHz. Generally if they are Malay week 21 or better they will run at 550 MHz @ 2.0 volts. I have two on a BP6, a week 27 and a week 32, both run solid at 550 [email protected] volts.


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I have 2 466 Celerons and both do 602 MHz and boot into Win98SE but will not boot into W2K or NT4 at above 525, any ideas??

P.S. Chips are stable @602 i.e. runs Prime95 RC5 and Unreal Tournament

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