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Hi all

So far all I have done in terms of OC'ing my PC is cranking up the multiplier by 10-12mhz. Having read some of the posts in these forums I'd like to get a bit more out of my PC, which I guess is going to involve fiddling with voltages.

I have a Thermaltake Volcano 9 which is a noisy little bugger but it's running at minimum rpm at the moment and my cpu is still only at 49 celsius as I type. Hopefully this means that cooling-wise I have something in reserve, providing I can tolerate the increased noise from the Tornado :D

So I'm really just after some advice on how to squeeze some more out of my CPU - at the moment all the voltages are at stock settings. Check my sig for system specs.

many thanks :)


You've got a nice boost there for openers @2250. Your temps and fan noise could take a lot of the fun out of going higher. My Thermalright SK7 and Enermax 80x80 keep me cool and quiet while o/cing. I never exceed 40C (33C as I write this).

My MSI KT3 Ultra runs at 190.5x11=2096 @1.7v with nary a problem, and at tight RAM timings @2.7v. Have run 200x10 too, but lack of 1/6 divider made me back down for safety's sake. Despite yours one series newer, think performance of our MBs is about the same.

I'd turn the fan up (maybe get a larger quiet one?), and shoot for 180-190 on FSB - dropping multi as needed, watching temps all the while. May have to nudge the CPU and DIMM voltage a notch or so as you go.

Best of luck, and keep us posted.
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thanks xroyal, won't have time today (too many darned Christmas cards to write :rolleyes: ) but I'll have a play tomorrow and post back



I got it to post fine at 188, even leaving the multiplier at 12.5, but I have to crank the fan right up to keep the temp around 50. Definitely need something quieter than my Volcano 9 though - it sounds like I've got a 5800FX under the hood :D

It also reset a couple of times when I was in Windows - I mean completely reset, as if there had been a momentary power cut - does that mean I need to up the vcore / dimm voltages a little?

Or do you reckon I should I just throttle things back a bit rather than risk breaking something?


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when that happens it is the temperature...
so u want to back down ur speed a little.
increasing the voltage also means higher temp.

i do find that most bartons is unstable over 50C temp?