Overclock K6 2 3D 400



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I tried to overclock amd k6 3d 400 to 550 with 2.2 volts it won"t boot to w98. If I change it to 2.3 it boots to w98 but gets explorer error. Haven"t tried any higher volts. Just running a clobewin cpu fan and extra case fan on GA 5AX board. Does anyone think it will hurt to go up any higher on voltage?


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2.4v is as high as I would push it. That shouldn't damage it though. You're very lucky to be able to get that high...



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step the speed down a notch. i got one to run benchmarks at 560, but it wouldnt run anything else without crashing. brought it back to 504 and it works well. has been there for months.