Opinions/Suggestions please - My next system.....



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I’ve started collecting parts for my next system. Here is a run down of my preliminary layout:

Full Tower Case w/300w PS
Blowholes and other fans for the cooling!
ABIT KT7 Raid mobo
Duron 600 (Unlocked hopefully at 900!)
ALPHA PAL6035 Heatsink/Fan
256mb PC133 Micron CAS2
(1) Western Digital ATA66 10.2GB HDD (5400rpm)
(2) Maxtor ATA100 20GB HDD (7200rpm)
HP 9110I Burner 8x4x32
Memorex 48x CD-Rom
ATI All-in Wonder 32mb AGP
Zip 100
SB Live Value
56k Creative Modem Blaster

I will be using this for Photoshop, 3D Text rendering (GIF format), light gaming, and video editing.
I’m a little lost on the video card, I plan on feeding in video from Camcorder/VCR and doing some light editing. With that in mind, do you think the ATI All-in-Wonder will be a good choice?
I want to be able to do light gaming as well with good frame rates, but I don’t need anything super fast. My main games are Motocross Madness 2 and Foresaken, but I want to be able to play Q3 and UT smoothly as well.
Let me know what you think! Do you see any problems/conflicts in this set up? Any suggestions will be appreciated!


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the AWI 128 isnt the best card for gaming, but if you only game lightly, it should be adequate for what you want.

get a AWI radeon if you have money.

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i dont know much about ATI vid cards; i pretty much stick with nvidia and 3dfx chipsets (all games, no graphic editing for me), but why the 10gb 5400 rpm hd? the rest of the system looks good, except that seemed a little out of place next to the twice as big and faster hd next to it. you could just get a 30gb 7200 rpm drive...

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Does that mean you intend to buy 2 HD's?
If so get two identical ATA100's and use the Raid.

if you wanta AIW, wait for the Radeon version, should be comming soon..


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AMDnut, I just got the Raedon 64 DDR VIVO for my system , it does a great job. Love the graphics. Capture works very well also. I believe that the only thing the AIW has thats different is the TV tuner. I also think that Matrox will be coming out with a G450TV . Do lots of checking things out, as I'am sure you will. Ps, still pissing with my raedon to see what it does,but on the capture part and editing, a great editing suite is most important. If I come across anything I think that you might be interested in I'll let you know. Good Luck. Mark

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egg - The 10.2GB Western Digital is an existing drive that I already have laying around. I'll replace it at a later date. I'll stick it on the IDE channel away from the RAID array. It does perform pretty good though......

Jesstar - Yes, I plan on buying (2) identical ATA100 7200rpm drives. I'm hearing a lot of bad things about Maxtors so I'll probably switch to Western Digital's or IBM's.....

ebok - Thanks for the info, seems like the Radeon is the way to go from what I hear. I'll look real hard at those. Post info when you can! Thanks!


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dump the memorex cd if you dont have it yet. get a plextor or something if you have the change.


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Wouldn't P3 or Thunderbird be better for image/video editing?

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I have the "Deer" 300w PS. No problems so far. Sorry, I didn't know if you were looking for a comment on that or not.


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1 suggestion about Duron/T-Bird systems, they are far more picky on power then similar PIII systems. Get the best you can afford. Few PSUs that are bundled with cases can take the demands of an overclocked Duron/T-Bird @ 1.85 volts. I'm running my T-Bird 800 @ 1.1GHz w/1.85 volts with a Enermax 430 watt PSU.

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May I suggest..."TRANS"..."ME-TA"....and some Grey Poupon ?


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My take is this:

The Radeon 64 DDR VIVO
Replace the DURON asap with Tbird 1000
Treat yourself to a 400 watt power sup.

Here is the prob I see:

If your trying to be cost effective by using a DURON initially thats great, but not the best for wacking the snot out of large image files. Since the RADEON will wack the snot out of you wallet, your going to pump the veins of the DURON requiring a MULTI-FAN operation as you noted....so if you make only one change, up the power supply to 400 watts.

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