Operation Flashpoint EEK!



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Is this game IMPOSSIBLY hard or is it me???

I always though I was an OK game player till I got this. I can hold my own in UT, RTCW, MOHAA, Q3 etc. But here I'm moving about (in the so-called "easy" missions) and I dead in about 3 mins. I only ever get the chance to drop one or two of them. BLIMEY!!!

I've never liked codemasters. I remember them from the early days when they were producing crappy spectrum games and selling them for a quid each in corner shops <true

Right.. I'm done ranting.

Anyone for freecell?

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Dunno how you play your games but that one kick ass and its hard yes but not impossible. Its a war simulation. Thats mean don`t try your rambo thing hehe

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Yep acting like Rambo won't get you far in Operation Flashpoint (the most realistic combat sim to date). Use the map, crawl, take your time, and only shoot when you have a good shot (bad guys will come a running). Since you just got this game you can't expect to be an expert right away. It does take a little while to get used to how the game works, and how to fly smoothly.

As far as Codemasters goes I think they make great games




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It's taken hours to beat one level in this game. Patience is a virtue here. You have to plan your moves before you make them, and have a general sense of your surroundings at all times. If you see a soldier off in the distance, you can safely bet he can see you.

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Originally posted by Kozakowski:
If you see a soldier off in the distance, you can safely bet he can see you.
Heh. Sometimes I walk around in a forest somewhere, and goes prone to take a look at the map. I look up, just to see a russian soldier almost stepping on my head (he doesn't even seem to have noticed me), before I fill him up with lead...similar things have happened a few times. The AI behaves stupid sometimes IMO. Or is it just this go-prone thing that makes you almost invisible to your enemy?

I didn't think the game was very hard, but it was fun.

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Stick with your leader. Also I found you can pick up better weapons off of the guys you kill (don't remember the name, but try grabbing a gun off a machine gunner). Your aim is much more stable if your prone. Also there is a key that lets you zoom into your sight a little that helps aim and visibility greatly. Stick with it and practice and you'll get better. If your not shooting you should be moving. Sitting ducks became the cliche' for a reason. Good luck! The game is fun once you get better at it.


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Counterstrikers? Never played it. But, you already knew that didnt you.

Dude, you could turn any question, problem or comment into an argument.But I'm not going to get sucked into one or your slaging matches.

I'll do you a favour. I'll stay away from you. Ha Ha Ha

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