OpenGL paletted-texture issues with TNT2?


Alun Bestor

New Member
Hi, I'm running an ASUS 16meg TNT2. Latest (non-beta) ASUS drivers, DirectX 7 in win98. Runs like a charm.

The problem is, I've got a couple of low-key OpenGL game-related apps that are having serious texture-palette problems. Paletted textures (from Quake2 to be precise) get horribly washed-out and look like they've been nearest-color-converted down to 16 colors or so. The textures look fine inside Quake2 itself and I have no other paletted-texture problems in any other OpenGL/Direct3D apps or games.

I _know_ it's not just badly-coded apps: because the same paletted textures looked absolutely fine in those apps under the old 3dfx voodoo1 I had before the TNT2, and under the software openGL implementation that comes with win98.

Now, I realise that the TNT2 doesn't directly support paletted textures, rather it converts them up to 16/32-bit textures. This shouldn't be compromising graphics quality at all, should it?
My ASUS control panel allows me to tweak how _Direct3D_ converts paletted textures (I've got it set to convert to 32-bit) but it won't let me do the same for OpenGL.

So, has anyone else encountered the TNT2 doing a terrible conversion job on paletted textures? If so, in what applications were they and is there any way of resolving the problem?