Open corrupt Excel file without backup



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Today, when I tried opening my Excel it can’t open and shows the error message “Excel file is corrupt and cannot be opened”.

I run the open and repair inbuilt tool, but unable to recover Excel file data. The corrupted workbook is very important I used the kernel Excel repair software but this doesn’t work for me.

So, I searched more and found some article and follow the solution given there.

I am glad it worked for me to open corrupted Excel file without any backup.

If anyone encounter this type of situation then follow the manual solutions given in the article then using the third party software.


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It happens many times that the users have not kept the backup of the Excel files. And suddenly they can get corrupt due to many reasons. Some of the reasons for corrupt Excel workbooks are:
  1. Unexpected System damage or sudden power failure
  2. Defect in Excel Application
  3. Hardware issues
  4. Bad Sectors: this can happen after prolonged use or due to improper shutdowns which can result in data falling into bad sectors and becoming inaccessible.
  5. The large size of excel files
  6. Virus or Hacker attack
  7. Different versions of Excel available i.e when the user tries to open different files in different Excel version, then the excel sheets can be damaged.
You can refer to the post: Unsaved Excel File Recovery Tips


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Hey! It mostly happens with users that they do not keep backup of the Excel file. While that situation your file may corrupt or damage. So, it same happened with you also. At the time you can try the below given solutions which will repair Excel corrupt file without backup and it will work for you too.
  • Recover Excel data from the TMP File
  • You can use the Excel AutoRecover and Autobackup Features
If, you fail to repair excel file using above given methods, then you can go through with the another most recommended software that is Excel File repair & recovery Tool.

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There might be several ways where the MS Excel file gets corrupted. For this one need to check out the reasons behind it. Hence the reasons are as follows:
  1. Improper shutdown.
  2. System failure.
  3. Power loss.
  4. Virus attack.
These reasons may vary as per the corruption.
One may check out the manual method in order to fix the corrupted Excel sheets.
Repairing through Excel settings:
  • Go to the File menu -> Open.
  • Select the corrupted sheet.
  • In the drop-down list of Open select the option "Open and Repair".
  • Select "Repair".

Repair with Open Worksheet: For this method, you need to go to the last saved file and check out the steps provided below.
  • Click on the File menu.
  • Click on Open button.
  • Now look for the worksheet
  • Click yes to open the particular sheet.

Repair using calculation option:
  • Click on File > New > Blank workbook.
  • Now in File > Options.
  • Select Calculation > Manual > OK.
  • Simply go to File > Open corrupted Excel files.
These all are the methods through which you can easily correct the Excel sheets.