Omnibook 6000 Bios password



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Hi world,

who can help me with a bios password???

I don't remember that psw so I want to remove it on an HP omnibook 6000, but I don't have access at the bios or at the system.

who know a sure howto for this specific model???

I just try with master password, looback connector, remove battery for a long time, search a clear cmos jumper (apparent no jumper setting), drastic short circuit on the bios, totally remove bios chip (is there an other location for the psw?), and finally all other generic (random) procedures of the bignet.

nothing... -ENTER PASSWORD-

please help me!!!!! I would want to recompose my lap ...cause I need it ...please.

thanks to all,

Ute (deprived of all human hope)