old 486 and dual ide controller



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I'm trying to get an old 486 board, 30 pin simms, vlb, working with two hard drives and a cd-rom. No matter what I do I can't get two ide ports working. I've tried different controllers, disabling the secondary controller on the vlb, and putting a dedicated ide controller on. No luck. Nothing is working. Is there a limitation on some old motherboards in respect to ide controllers so that the board will not support dual ide?

Any help most appreciated.

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If you have 2 IDE plugs in your I/O controller, the second one is only for ISA stuff, you could only put there your CR-ROM. You will put both Hd in the first plug, with a two-pin fat cable.


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don't forget to enable the secondary IDE in your bios! I did the same thing when I installed an LS-120 drive (a great device). I had to enable the secondary IDE port in my AMI bios. Good Luck.