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Hello there,

I know I,m new to HWC and that I have not been around long enough to have seen these arguments develop, but it seems to me that the best place for them is in the "Off-Topic" forum.

Without this place to let off steam and have a laugh the other forums would be swamped with unrelated stuff. For this reason alone surely it must be serving a purpose--even to the members who oppose it the most.

What do you think?

You want it when??????
Yeah right!


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Nobody says the off-topic doesn't serve a purpose......but it is rapidly losing that.

The quality there is speaking for itself.....it's dwindling already.

It's resorted to just a flame factory where the chance of logical interaction is slim.


Are YOU satisfied with the content and direction of your forum?
Can you see where it is headed?
Do you feel "proud" to be the mod.?



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"mostly" is the crux of the whole problem there and why the off topic is killing itself.
as you said one tenth of one percent.

YOU have the power to turn this closure around.

Ask the members who value that forum to leave the profanity and questionable content out of thier posts.
It's not hard to not type something.
Surely they respect you enough to honor your request.

You as a moderator can show that you are willing to work with the administrators and assume command of the situation and use your moderator powers to lock down some of the offending threads as an example.

It's not hard.....lay down the law and take care of the few problems that are ruining it for everyone in the off topic forum.

I just don't understand how you can have the power to change this and not do it for the good of the forum.

Thanks for listening and replying with decency.


I thinks it making a big U-turn now thateverything is settling down. It's still better than having it stuck in one of the other assigned forums.

Richard R.

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Thanks TN for doing your job over there in OT.
As long as the mods do their job daily, craziness won't get posted anywhere.
Thanks to all of you who have demonstrated the willingness to accomplish the change.