Of heat, Windows startup and a CAK 38 Fan reversal



well, remember i was screaming for 1.8GhZ?!
seems as soon as i reversed my fan on my CAK-38 temps fell 7-8C!

and NOW i clock 1.8Ghz 150Mhzx12 from my former 1.74Ghz, my T-Birdie is screaming at 1.85V and 52C MAX 41C idle
it used to crash at windows startup all the time at 1.8Ghz even with full core.
My question is, how much CPU power is used to start windows for it to crash ALWAYS!? and why would the processor be stable at 63C IN Windows but not START windows at 50-53C?

and my tip is to spin the fan on the CAK 38 to blow air AWAY from the Sink, and you SHOULD (no promises
) see a good temp drop of at LEAST 5-6C i see as much as 8-10C . DO NOT use the seperator, and make sure the fan is TIGHT on the sink!
any suggestions appreciated