OCZ's Arc 100 solid-state drive reviewed



A new budget contender

The steady decline in SSD prices has been one of the most fascinating trends of the past few years. Shrinking flash fabrication technologies deserve the bulk of the credit for lowering the cost per gigabyte. However, OCZ also played a role by aggressively discounting its SSDs, which fueled a price war that hasn't fully subsided since.

Those discounts surely contributed to OCZ's former financial difficulties. The company filed for bankruptcy last year, and it was subsequently acquired by Toshiba. All things considered, that's probably the best thing that could have happened. Toshiba is one of the biggest flash manufacturers in the world, and OCZ now has preferred access to the latest and greatest NAND—probably with family discount.

OCZ is making the most of that access with its new Arc 100 SSD. This drive, based on the Barefoot controller, uses the most recent "A19" revision of Toshiba's 19-nm NAND. It's also eminently affordable, with the 240GB and 480GB flavors priced at just $0.50 per gig.

Despite its budget focus, the Arc 100 is supposed to deliver especially strong performance with more demanding and sustained workloads. More importantly, perhaps, there's evidence that OCZ's reliability track record has improved since the firm was purchased by Toshiba. This thing deserves a closer look...

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Likely due to their checkered past with reliability, OCZ now offers "ShieldPlus" warranty. Combined that with the new owners being Toshiba, for those searching for value SSDs, it may be worth testing out their products again.