OCZ-AGIL ITY3 SATA SSD 120 Gig Randomly Crashing



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Subject line says it all, or at least what I know. It does it quite often as well.

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The other basic test that's advisable and easy to do: run Memtest 86+ to check your memory. It boots with its own OS from a cd or flash drive. The Ultimate Boot CD contains that and most every other freeware diagnostic. It's a free download and also needs to be burned to a cd or loaded to a bootable usb drive. Having a bootable disc like this or a live linux disc is useful as a basic diagnostic. Even if your hdd or ssd or OS is trashed you can tell if the rest of the hardware is okay. A good live linux disc will also get you online to get help, access email, etc.

That link at the bottom of Midknyte's post is to the Ultimate Boot CD.


If you're certain that the source of the problem is the Agility 3, if applicable, you can try updating the firmware to the last current firmware 2.25 dated Oct 5, 2012.