O'Clocking .. Whitch chips are good ??



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O'Clocking .. Whitch chips are good ??

Ok.. Check it out .. I got a Celeron 400 ppga ( what does PPga mean anyway)
How do yo utell if this is one of the good over clockers. .Where do you find the date on it and all that .. I got it as a combo with a Skywalker Mother board . I have heard about Malay chips and costa rica chips which is better ? and here si the Info o nthe chip
128 SLV3A2
M C'98
Any help would be greatly apreciated ! thanks


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1. PPGA refers to the form of the
chip. in your case Pin grid array.
2. Chips are good for overclocking in
how well they can take increased
front bus speeds. Celeron 366's
can typically take the most bus
speed increase. 400's can be
increased to about 83 mhz. Each
chip is individual though. Some might
hit it, some won't. you just have
to try and see. To overclock though,
you'll probably want to put a better
fan/cooler then the stock unit. over
clocked chips typically generate more
3. In general, Malay chips are better
for overclocking. your chip is from
batch L9311076. that means it was
a malay(L) chip from 1999 (9) and made
in the 31st week. In general, the later
a Celeron is in production week, the
better. Yours should be pretty good.

4. For more info, check out :
www.overclockers.com or
www.sharkyextreme.com and
go to Celeron overclockers guide.

Good luck