ocing for a beginner



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I am new to OCing but whenever i up my fsb even by 1 my pc wont even post.

i can alter both fsb and multiplier and have been told that 1.4 athlons wernt locked.
its running at 135 x 10.5 should i up the vcore to allow higher speeds?

any ideas?



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You HAVE NOT changed your multiplier settings at all have you? I cant remember off-hand what the stock multiplier is on the 1.4's...


Stock multiplier...you forget how to do math orhow to use a calculator? :D 1400/133 = 10.5x

I say you drop the multiplier to 8.5x. Then increase the FSB to 166MHz for starters. Increase CPU voltage to 1.775v if required.

If you want to go higher, then increase voltage even higher! Just make sure you have decent cooling if the temps get too hot (60-65*C should be the limit)


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even if i start low at say 5 x 135 is will not post
im just gonna stay at 1400 i guess