oc'ing Celeron 400a



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I've been experimenting w/ oc'ing my celeron 400a, but I haven't had any success, I think I am neglicting to change some important settings. Also I may end up running into problems with my AGP card, but I know there is a setting for that.

I have a ABIT BH6 w/ celeron 400a, what settings do I change in the soft-menu besides the bus speed?


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I just bought a 400a ppga (socket 370)celeron yesterday, and I have success at overclocking it 500mhz at 83mhz fsb with a 6x multiplier. My motherboard is a bh6 with the latest bios flash, 'bh6ln'. When I overclock I use the above settings, plus I turn the turbo mode off, I disable #sel 66/100, video shadow, & speed error hold. I run stable with these settings at a voltage of 2.0, with the retail heatsink provided by Intel. With my alpha 125 heatsink and some electrical tape to secure it to my slocketed 400ppga, I am able to post at 600 (6x X 100mhz fsb), however it seldom lets me into windows, though I am fairly sure 600mhz can be reached with more dramatic cooling such as a peltier, or further experimentation with the bios settings. Another way to work with your settings is with SoftFSB ver1.6. I can boot into windows at 400mhz, then alter my FSB settings from there, which can give some insight into what will or will not work without rebooting your computer, barring locking your system up.