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I had o/c my p3 [email protected] (133x4.5)
how to cool down the temp ? right now the temp is between 40 to 50.


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Hey guys, install your heatsink/fan with the backplate off your PIII. This alone should drop your temp about 5C. If you don't know how to mount a heatsink without the backplate here is the site.


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That's some good info. thanks
I've never even taken apart a p3 before. I'm kinda nervous about it. That damn Vantec didn't even come with instructions.

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I have a Tennmax P3STF cooler and I run idle at 18-20 deg and at about 40 max after 6 hours of Seti. Voltage is 2.1v if that helps.

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Yea i thought getting 600 out of a p3450 is very good!
Have you tried RAIN??
It could be time to switch to an Alpha or peltier

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I use rain at the mo. It used to make a huge difference when I was using the old Bios for my BF6, but since I flashed to QJ bios, rain dont do nothing. The bios seems to cut power to the CPU automatically!


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Intersting how rain does soo much on one computer and nothin on the next huh?


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only a few 450's outside of the sl35d will go that high... and even then you need a V3 or a very tollerant video card, not to mention a good fan too.

HUH? How the hell did I miss that?


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Well I can only get my 450 up to 630 if I disable the L2 cache. It isnt worth the performance drop though. It goes to 612mhz fine but my L2 cache is only 4ns not 3.6 so thats my limiting factor.

As for video card, I had hell on trying to get my CL TNT2U and my ViperV770U to run at 133Mhz fsb. So much so in fact that I bought a new cooler for the viper and fecked the chipset getting the old fan off

The CL runs fine now with or without the big fan. I still had probs with certain appz and games like 3DMark and Quake3 until I flashed my bios to a version that sets the SDRAM leadoff time to 4 instead of 3 if you hit 133mhz fsb. If you are having probs with ur video card try that..it worked for almost everyone I know.

I did actually borrow a V3000 to see if that worked...and it did...much better that the TNT originally. Once I changed the SDRAM setting though, the TNT was way faster and just as stable. I can even o/c it to 175/200mhz and post 6100+ on 3DMark in 800x600

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[email protected], 99370138-Malay, L2-Latency 8, FSB External/Asynchronous memory bus 138.5mhz-33mhz ram 64MB+64MB/8ns.Cas2+32MB/10ns.Cas3=160MB PC100, Mobo Aopen ax63Pro Chipset Via Apollo Pro133, VooDoo3 [email protected],
Test Wintune98.

CPU (1) Intel Pentium [email protected] MHz
Video Board 3dfx Voodoo3
Video Mode [email protected]/pixel
RAM 160 MB
OS Windows 98 4.10.2222 A

Area Tested Value
CPU Integer 1821,312 MIPS
CPU Floating Point 726,7954 MFLOPS
Video(2D) 69,36308 MPixels/s
Direct3D 200,4828 MPixels/s
OpenGL 93,88811 MPixels/s
Memory 1059,52 MB/s
Cached Disk 134,014 MB/s
Uncached Disk 2,511594 MB/s

Sisoft Sandra2k

CPU - 1662 MIPS (1007239)
FPU - 825 MFLOPS (443784)

Integer MMX - 1935 it/s
Floating-Point SSE - 2578 it/s

Good Look. :eek!