OC Celeron 400 on Abit BP6



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Pardon my confusion.

I am trying to OC two Celeron 400's on a ABIT BP6 mobo. If I could get 500 it would be OK, but I understand most can get 550 out of them.

The ABIT has a lot more parameters in the Soft Menu than what is usually mentioned when people say they OC'ing.

It lists:

CPU operating speed
Turbo Frequency
External Clock
Multiplier Factor
Speed Error Hold
CPU's Power Supply
CPU1 Core Voltage
CPU2 Core Voltage

Which settings must be changed, and what should they be changed to to get OC at 500?

What about 550?

Is there anyway to compute this?

Thanks very much for any help.


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Altho the question has been asked over and over.. and some people get pissed at such redundancy... we HWC members are more than willing to help out still! right guys? hehe

anyways, back to your questiosn. I have the exact same things you have, BP6 and C400.

the only things you have to consider in the softmenu are:

1. CPU Speed = User defined
2. Turbo = Off
3. External Clock = FSB speed, for 550 you need 92 FSB (92 x 6 = 552)
4. Multiplier = 6 (Do not change this!)
5. AGPCLK/CPUCLK = 2/3. (i.e. 92 x 2 / 3 = 65Mhz)
6. Speed Error Hold = Disable
7. CPU Voltage 1 = 2.0 (If it doesn't boot into Win try increment .5V at a time)
8. CPU Voltage 2 = 2.0 (Only if you have a seoncd CPU)

CPU Speed = FSB x Multiplier.

400Mhz (Default) = 66Mhz x 6
450Mhz = 75Mhz x 6
498Mhz = 83Mhz x 6
552Mhz = 92Mhz x 6
600Mhz = 100Mhz x 6

For your AGPCLK/CPUCLK, always use 2/3 so that it runs close to 66Mhz. Unless your AGP card can support higher speed without exploding.. hehe.

reply for more help!



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K4 you are brilliant.

I had a hunch that this information existed, but after spending several hours browsing numerous OC sites, I was never able to find the info in a succinct enough fashion to be useful.

I think you've done it.

Thanks a lot.


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I seem to be OK at 550 and 600. However, I am getting a message about the CPU being unworkable. I have to press F1 to continue.

Is this normal. If it is, can I make a change to avoid it in the CMOS.

Also, I notice that when I reenter the CPU Soft menu after changing it, it says that it is at 300 mhz, and I seem to lose all my setting. Is this normal?



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Well K4 told ya to set speed hold error to disable - that'll fix the problem with the unworkable cpu!!!


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Sterling, your link said what I would never take time to explain to most folks. I have often wished someone would host a site with information about specific BIOS settings for specific motherboards. Hell, I could do it myself if I had a stack of current manuals for the most popular motherboards. There simply can't be more than 50 boards out there in use by 99% of everyone reading these posts. If we all sent a copy of the BIOS options to HWC or a volunteer, perhaps(please,God, not me), then it would make the job easy. It would generate a HUGE number of hits, take my word for it. My silly site could go commercial and I don't even mention any BIOS settings.


I can't take credit for the above article, it was written (and very well written I might add) by a friend I met online at Ars-Technica named Apex. He is one of the most helpful overclockers you could ever find.


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Shit!! Typo! Increment .05V at a time, NOT .5V!! Thanks Dimarini for pointing out. *I hope I didn't fry his cpu*