OC 333A with BF6..Help! ...



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I just bought a new Abit Bf6 MB and i try to push my C333A to his limits.
I locked the B21, and i ride to 475/95 Fsb(2.00V core, 3.50V I/O),
but further my W3 2000 don't go.
If you can tell me how to set the voltages, i'll be grateful to you.
Other sugestions are welcome.


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You should have a screen in the BIOS called 'CPU Soft Menu'... Same place you go to adjust FSB... There is a voltage adjustment there...
Sorry to be pessimistic, but...
I would not expect more than 475 from the 333a ...


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yes , i know, but i need some advices on voltage settings. lowering ? increasing ?
or should i try


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try Vcore @ 2.2 V or less. Whatever setting that is lower and works is best. Your I/O voltage should be alright @ 3.5 (that's if you don't want to lower it to 3.3 and see if it's stable there).