o/c'ing with a Voodoo Banshee card ?



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Is anyone using the Voodoo Banshee AGP video card in their overclocked systems? I have a Diamond Fusion AGP & was wondering how high it will go on an o/c'ed bus before losing stability, etc.


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I have this card too. Never try to overclock it, because of high temperature at normal speed (about 40 C).RAM that use DMF is faster then in normal Banshee (8ns). You can oveclock it with 3Dfx VooDoo Banshee Control.

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a friend of mine oc it to 139mhz memory and core stable. he didnt try to get any higher but i think it could do more

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Well... I don't have a Banshee AGP, but I thought I would tell you about my experience overclocking my Banshee PCI (just to waste time). I got it to work at 37.5Mhz PCI bus easily and I overclocked the memory on it to 110Mhz from 100Mhz without a single problem (got an extra 2 fps on UT). The core was very hot before I put a fan on - then it just blew out warm air with the core being completely cold when idle when the fan was attached.

Hoped this helped a little...


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