O/C My Celery 433



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When ever i take my celeron 433 up to 7x75 it says its a 488 when it should be 525. What the F#$K is going on here¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

And when ever i take it up to 86.3 bus speed or what ever it is it comes up with windows protection error and i have to refformat.

Thanxxx y'all

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's not 7 it's 6.5

6.5 x 66.6 = 433

6.5 x 75 = 487

Stick a BIG heat sink and fan combo on (golden orb, alpha, globalwin) and my 433 celeron gets to 585 (6.5x90) stable.

As for the reformat thing, I seem to remember the PCI bus get painfull fast at 86. May be your HDD crapping out? Otherwise, best solution is go for 90. Easy over clock (no extreme cooling needed) and a 3Mhz below spec PCI bus, nothing gets toasted. 100 (650Mhz) is pretty damn hard unless you are lucky with your chip.


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