O/C Duron 600 - experiences and questions



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I've been o/c'ing a week 21 unlocked Duron 600 on the A7V motherboard with 128MB PC133 RAM (I think it's CAS3 - it runs at 8ns, am I right?) I use an old Alpha PH6035 heatsink, with ambient temp of 28-30C.

So far I've got it to 750Mhz (38-39C) at default voltage, 800Mhz (41-42C) at 1.7V, 850Mhz (47-49C; wow it's hot at this speed) at 1.8V. I haven't pushed it any further yet - got worried about the temps.

Have anyone gotten good success with changing the FSB setting? I have been changing the multiplier, leaving the FSB at 100, and the memory at 133. If I were to bump up the FSB to say 102, will the memory bus stay at 133 or will it be higher proportionately?

I am also building a second Duron system (I have a week 23 unlocked Duron 600 for this). I originally wanted to get another A7V motherboard and pair it with a huge heatsink custom-made for the A7V with 2x 60mm fans blowing 38CFM (it's called the HEAT-KILLER, at computernerd.com), to keep it cool (plan on air-cooling only; no peltiers or water-cooling). However, I am now considering the Abit mobo (KT7-RAID I think). Which would be a better mobo? Now with the Abit, I would have to use another old Alpha PH6035 I have, and not the huge heatsink for the A7V. Less cooling = less o/c speed, which is my concern. As this is going to be my primary gaming machine, I want to squeeze as much performance from it, and good HD performance is important too.


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expect to get no more than 115 FSB....

and no it's not the ram or your vid-card, that's going to be the problem, it's AMD that made VIA put a limit on there chip's FSB, that's why.

Why in heavens name don't they just get the Bios people to display the Chips signature, in stead of its actual speed, that way no matter how much you overclock the damn thing, it will always say 600 or whatever

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