O/C a P3 450???



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i o/c my p3 450 to 504 and i dont have any kind of cooling thingy except for my cheapass fan that came with the case(the fan sucks out hot air or something like that(it doesnt seem like it works)...but the question is i wanna o/c the chip higher and how high can i go without(no cooling) messing up my pentium chip??thanks


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With cooling, a retail PIII 450 can hit 600MHz without an *awful* amount of trouble, and should be able to do 558MHz relatively easily. This is, of course, assuming your RAM can handle 124MHz or 133MHz bus speeds.

Without cooling, im not certain youll get it much higher than you have now. In fact, youre likely damaging it now. You really ought to watch the temperature on that thing. Every CPU since the DX4/100s have come standard with a fan and heatsink, so you may want to purchase something like that.

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