Nvidia "Turbocache" Technology


Dr. Data

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Saw this over on [H] today....thought some might find it intresting over here.

Is it just me or are we seeing major "retro" ideas coming back in vogue in video technoogy.

First PCI express, Then SLI, now video cards using system memory "PCI texturing"???.

Hmm...I wonder if AMD chipsets will come back out with added "cache" built into the motherboard like in the K6-2 days (oh welll there is "DASP" on Nforce2 already but you know what I mean).

That would be pretty cool for the k8 evolution.... Just imagine the full speed integrated memory controller and 1mb-2mb of full speed L2 cache, and another 5mb of cache of closely placed on the chipset between the full speed memory controller and the system ram...all on a PCI express layout. ....we would need some very fast system ram to go with that.