NVIDIA Detonator Drivers and Half-Life???



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When I use the NVIDIA Detonator 1 drivers with Half-Life, they work OK. But the version 2 and 3 drivers cause problems. I have pauses of about a second or two between the time I take some action with the keyboard or mouse and the time I actually move in-game. For example, if I use the 'w' key to move forward, there's a pause before I move forward. When I let go of the 'w' key, there's a pause before I stop moving. Is there some Half-Life, DirectX, or Detonator setting I can change to fix this?

System stats:
NVIDIA TNT with 16MB (STB Velocity 4400)
450 MHz Pentium II
128 MB memory
DirextX 7.0a
Windows 98 with all updates

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Melter, according to every site I've read that has tried it, Det 3 drivers actually decrease performance with non-GeForce cards. I would go back to your old drivers if I were you.

Initially the drivers did some funny things even with my GeForce DDR. Exiting Half Life my resolution went to something crazy, icons were so big that I couldn't change the resolution back to 10x7. After changing them in safe mode, restarting, and getting back in I found that my framerate dropped from 50-60 to 20-30. That was not good. A new VIA AGP driver seems to have patched it up though.

Good luck.


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Yeah I've been expericing some problems with resolution changes too... from games or such, and some dll errors when I try to change them or such.

as for the tnt deal, u should just stick to 5.22, but if detonator 1 works well, stick with 3.68 I guess. or try to find the specific driver for ur video card instead of using the reference driver.