Nvidia 8800GTX 2 power inputs


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I have a Nvidia 8800GTX and it has 2 power inputs in the card.

Until now i only have 1 power input plugged in. but i noticed that if i plug the power cable to the other input on the graphics card, it beeps when it starts up(and no picture will appear obviously). is this because the card is damaged or is it normal? ie. is it normal that if you plug the power in power input 'A' it works fine and if you plug it in power input 'B', the card beeps?

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I'm suprised it's loading up on one connection. If you've tried playing games with just one connection it's probably horifcally slow/instable, if it even ran with one for long.

Midknyte is right, you must use BOTH connections on the 8800GTX, you can buy converters that will convert molex connectors into PCI express power connectors, if your power supply isnt powerful enough, then that poses as a bad problem.