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The cable went out today, for about 3 hours (bad storm) and it was gettin a little boring. Surprisingly, the internet, supplied by the same cable company through the same cable was working fine.

I rememberd that chicago's largest sports talk station was now streaming and i listened to a cool interview with sox's aron rowand. The stability is good, the quality is good enough. I cant get 670 in my house, only my truck so this is a perfect way for me to listen now at home- this station is addicting. if you dont care for chicago sports, the morning show is now mainstreamed and really good.

Cool to see local radio go from one city, to mid west and now global:D

Direct Link- here

ps- i cant get firefox to work with it, ie seems to be required- that or i need to restart my pc due to the required updgrade to wmp10
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