Novice Needs your HELP with SD-11



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I have recently been looking to build my own P.C and some friends at school to me its the way to go. I have chosen an SD-11 as my mother board and an AMD Athlon 700MHz CPU I also have a case by CasEdge that was recommend in a tutorial on here. But I don't have any idea what else or which brands to chose from. If someone could throw me in the right direction I would love it just tell me what you recommend and I'll buy it. I'll even be willing to pay it's just been a struggle with this and my friends seem to be to busy to help me now. PLEASE IF YOU FEEL ME AT ALL PLEASE REPLY> THANX TO ALL WHO HELP < AND THANX FOR SHAREING THE WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE......


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Best to post specific questions into the proper forum if you want to get help.

General like this should go in the General Hardware Discussion Forum. If you have other questions, pic the proper forum in the list.

You wont get much help in this forum, its for feedback/suggestions for these forums.