Notebook overclocking


Lucky Luke

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In general: is it easy to overclock a notebook CPU, since cooling down the CPU is not so easy (no large heatsinks etc.)?
If you can find any USEFUL instructions about over overclocking a notebook CPU, please send them.
I have a Toshiba tecra 8000 notebook.
My CPU is a Intel Mobile Pentium II -
400MHz (1.6V) - 256Kb internal L2 Cache
System Architecture: PCI Bus V2.1 Intel 440BX system chipset

ps. is it true that you drop your warranty if you overclock your notebook?

Tnx, LL

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What is your notebook model ??

CPU, chipset ???

As for me, I have a TOSHIBA chipset 440BX with a Celeron 366Mhz with FSB 66Mhz and now the CPU is at 450Mhz with FSB 100Mhz !! and it works
The temp increases a little but there is a little fan in my notebook.
Temp is about 65 degres at full work ....