NO WAY!!!! What happened to NVidia?



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This was pull of of read what is says this is a big thing.
3dfx Interactive Software to Acquire Nvidia
Time: 19:19 EST/00:19 GMT News Source: Hexus Posted By: Matthew Sabean

3dfx Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSSW), Today announced that it hasacquired
Nvidia, Inc. The Chipset maker Nvidia both its services and the company. This acquisition
underscores 3dfx Interactive commitment to deliver a complete set of Nvidia products and
services. The addition of Nvidia will expand 3dfx Interactive ability to meet increasing
customer demand for comprehensive Nvidia. This demand is expected to accelerate
with the addition of 3dfx Interactive upcoming Nvidia products, which complement its
award-winning Cards.The Nvidia group will supplement 3dfx Interactive existing customer
service organization and its worldwide development, with a specific emphasis on Graphic
Card engines. Nvidia will also help 3dfx Interactive to expand its training offering to include
a more comprehensive set of Web technologies. "Nvidia has a strong history with 3dfx
Interactive," said Mike Courtin, the President and CEO of Nvidia. "We've already partnered
with 3dfx Interactive to deliver Nvidia, training and support to dozens of customers. We're
excited to be joining with 3dfx Interactive Software to help deliver a wide range of complete
Nvidia to the market." "3dfx Interactive is pleased to expand its Nvidia services through
the acquisition of Nvidia," said Dave Litwack, the President and CEO of 3dfx Interactive
Software. "We know the Nvidia team very well and believe they will be an
outstanding addition to our company."

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Is this a lame attempt of April fool's day or haven't you noticed it's April 1st today?


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Now Mole, why on earth would I try to do that? I mean, anyone with a little common sense could see that this is bogus, but now you had to go and spoil it. Jeez!

One thing I noticed......How come I never see you in this forum and then you pop-up and respond to a lame joke? Now Mole, shouldn't you be moderating or something???