No PRVSG-----Tired of waiting



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Have P233mmx w/ 64 meg RAM and its time to
toss the Matrox m3D. As far as I can tell, no new games support it. Will probably upgrade to P2 in 4-5 months. What would be a smart choice for 3d card? Should I go cheap for now and upgrade later or go for the gusto
and just slap it into the new mobo ( I guess
that means PCI) ? Thanks for suggestions.


I would just go for a Tnt or something fast if you're planning to upgrade. No sense wasting any more money than you have to on another obsolete card.


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Yeah hes right but in 4 or 5 months ATIs & Permedia 3 will be out and both of them outperform the TNT on paper, so they will have close or better performance for sure.
Second why waste the money on a PCI card? AGP is where the speed is at, so now he would have a PII 450 with a PCI card, whats the point, my advise either upgrade now or wait keep what you've got until you do upgrade.