No audio. sound card seems ok



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Hi does anyone have any ideas as to why I have no sound from my soundcard. If I move the volume slider on the pc I can hear it "scraping" up and down in volume which seems to indicate to me that the souncard is working.However I get no sound from any files. I have tried wave, mp3 and audio files with 3 different players and still got nothing. I have also tried it out with xp and win98 and no sound from either.
The motherboard is an old previously discarded Matsonic MS8137 (to upgrade) that I have just put together. It has SIS onboard sound which used to worked fine .It didnt when I rebuilt this pc so I thought it was a fault with the onboard sound. So I replaced it with Cmedia sound card, but as I say this doesnt work either. USB headphones work fine. Wondering if it is a fault somewhere in the motherboard. Any ideas
thanks Rob


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vista or xp?

in either case, it seems you just dont have your playback defaults set right. look into the sound properties in the control panel or post back what OS youre using and we can help more specifically.