No audio device problem



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I have two fujitsu Siemens Scenic t i845 PCs that I'm fixing up. All is ok except for the sound on both PCs. There is an onboard sound card and I've tried everything to get it working but can't.
Here are the things I've done
1. Tried to load AC'97 drivers but the machines crash everytime I do this.
2. Checked BIOS to see that onboard sound is enabled and it is.
3. Reloaded the BIOS - no luck.
4. Reloaded chipset - no luck.
5. Device manager says - no audio device.
6. Checked speakers and they are working ok.

Everytime I turn the machine on it says 'Found new hardware - Multimedia audio controller. If I go through the wizard to load the drivers, the machine crashes.

I'm wondering if the previous administrator has changed something on the actual motherboard. Is that possible. Could there be some jumpers set to disable onboard sound?

I'm at my wits end now as I've tried everything. Any ideas?

As I says both machines have the same identicle problem. I'm thinking this is not a coincidence but rather some configuration change.


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There's no help on fujitsu's support for this and I'm not sure what the second link is for. Can you elaborate?


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You can check the PCI code of the sound card to find the proper drivers. Use one of the PCI viewers on the second part of the page.

The fujitsu site lists the AC97 drivers for XP. Did you use the one off of their site or from a different location?


... and I'm not sure what the second link is for. Can you elaborate?
Some manufacturers' change the specs of the mobo.
To identify brand and model of the components such as the onboard audio chip,
Device Manager > unknown device > Details > VEN_ and DEV_ should be listed.