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The next generation of 3D graphics cards is to be released in the next few months. Products from 3dfx, nVidia, ATI and Matrox will soon be showing off their performance and a whole slew of new features. In the first of a multi-part series, we talk to 3dfx's Gary Tarolli on his thoughts of the future of 3D graphics!


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Gary: This year. I've already seen images that are close to fooling me when I first look at them. Every year, it's going to fool you for a second longer.

I'd like to know if anyone outside of TDFX has seen any of the images he's talking about. I've yet to be fooled by real time rendering. Has anyone else?

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A couple of years I posted to a newsgroup that I thought textures would not be around for ever. I got a really nasty email back from someone who probably didn't understand what I was saying. What do you think? I reckon that as polygons get smaller they will get down to a texel size. At this size textures would be pointless, and slow the whole business down. In the real world things don't have textures on them - they are made up of individual objects of a particular material (reflectivity, difraction, refraction, etc.) Would it be better to forego textures, and use a simplified method relying on a super-pipelined TLA speed. Maybe at the moment we are using 2.5D, everything is made up of flat triangles. If everything was made up of small polygons things would deform, and the joints between current meshes would blend properly.


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No, textures will still be around. Even if polygons are rendered at the subpixel level (which is essentially movie quality), textures will still be need to define the properties of the surface.

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Who is this guy answering the Questions. Obviously he is a born used car salesman... or at least that is how he is answering the questions. It's people like this that turn you off a potentially good product. Maybe he should stick his head back up the hole he pulled it from and think about himself some more... but then again maybe he shouldn't. Suicide rates are already high enough.


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Yes, as a stock holder, I think 3dfx would be better off without him and anyone else with that kind of arrogant attitude. Oh well.