Newbie Screen Resolution Question



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This is probably a dumb question but here it goes...

I read a lot of game reviews that talk about playing a game in high
resolution 1280x1024 and higher but I don't see what the appeal is.
Whenever I try these settings everything on the screen becomes very small
and hard to see. I was playing the Quake Shareware a while back and the
HUD shrunk so small I couldn't read it. I thought when you swithced to a
higher resolution the objects on screen were supposed to stay the same
size but they were to be drawn using more pixels therefore resulting in
greater detail and quality. This isn't the case for me though and I can't
understand why people like having their graphics shrunk down so much they
become difficult to see. Is something wrong with my system or is
something wrong with my understanding of screen resolutions. I have a 17
inch monitor set to 800x600 display with 16-bit High color. (And there is
nothing wrong w/ my eyesight

Sorry again if this is a stupid question.


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Some games have huds, menus and such in a fixed pixel size. Those things will unfortunately become smaller in higher resolutions. Compare to windows desktop: In higher resolutions you can see more (smaller) icons. Very high resolutions are mainly intended for larger monitors. The graphics in the game, polygons or whatever shall not be smaller though, they will only become more detailed.

1280x1024 is a rather high resolution. If you don't like mini-huds, stay at 800x600 or 1024x768 (Or get a 21" monitor