New to Wireless, questions



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Okay Jimbo I did put my ip settings back because I was having problems, but I did as you said above.

"Using the reset button should set it back to factory settings.

If you want to change the configuration on the router, hook it up directly to a computer with an ethernet cable. Once you have configured it, then you can plug it into a LAN port on your wired router."

It works okay once I reconnected by putting the connection from the computer I set it up on to the wired router. This other forum was telling me to cascade my routers giving me this link:

This link is linksys to linksys I don't know if that matters, but my wired is a Dynex, and the wireless is a Valet made my Cisco I guess they do the linksys routers.

Here is my original post on the other forum which is the Cisco forum:

I feel a little better since you told me I could connect to the wired with the computer I set it up with, but don't want to be missing anything important. I just don't have anyone here to get me out of trouble if my system goes down.


If you got your security set for the wireless and it is letting you connect to the internet, you ought to be okay.