New slotket design



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I was just thinking if it would be possible to make a slotket that has cache on it. Just wondering how a Coppermine or Celeron would run if it had 4mb of L3 cache. If anyone knows of a place that I could maybe put my idea into prodution please let me know.


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Like the K6III, that it supports Tri-Level Cache design, but the L3 cache are just running @ a external bus, which it @ 100mhz

I think somebody tested it, it does gives a few more FPS when playing quake, this is compared between 1 meg and 2 meg L3 cache..




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I don't think that's something you can just design on a Slocket without processor support. That is, you couldn't just take a P3 that's never heard of L3 cache, stick it on a Slocket, and have it work. P3 isn't designed for it. Would sure be nice, though.

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