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We do have the "mobile" forum, which is meant to talk of all portable gadgetry. People do talk about phones in this forum occasionally, but HWC is so PC-centric that other topics don't gather much steam. Maybe you can start the ball rolling on a few of the neater toys and see what happens! :)


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Yes, the gadget sites are a lot of fun, but HWC is mostly PC-oriented (and Jupitermedia sites as a whole are IT-oriented rather than consumer or Sharper Image stuff) ... but as ThreeOnTheTree says, by all means go ahead and see if you can get the ball rolling. That said, I must plug our sister sites PDAStreet and SmartPhoneToday, with news and reviews for Palm/Treo, Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, and BlackBerry/RIM devices -- I have a "What will they think of next" moment almost every time I go there.

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