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Since the new full time admin fell through, make me a mod and I will help clean this place up! Lets do it


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I've been thinking for some time that we need an assistant administrator or even a "super moderator" having power over all of the forums.

I thought the announcement of the new admin would take care of that but now that those plans have been changed we need to re-assess our options.

We could have used a "super" mod when the off-topic was created and mike went on vacation for a week and the forum was left on auto-pilot during that time.

We could have used a "super" mod when Rich resigned as Mod because of family health problems.

Right now Toolbox has problems and will not be able to moderate his forum as he would like....another use for a "super" mod. or ass. admin.

The current mods are sometimes unsure of what should be acted on and do not want to hurt anyone's feelings and therefore things can go farther than necessary to the detriment of the site.

We have two trolls that need dealing with and the tendency for vugarity and dis-respect for fellow members is a major concern I have.

Someone needs to be able to lay down the rules and enforce them without concern about making enemies of the few troublemakers and thier limited supporters.

We can't go on indulging the childish few at the expense of the members who are the strength of what this site stands for......quality tech help for everyone for free.

I would like to hear what everyone else has to say concern our current condition and the future course of this site.



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I realize I probably won't be chosen, but I would like to state seriously that I would like to be a mod. I think I am qualified and I certainly am sick of all the nasty stuff I see. It makes me sooo mad that I can't do anything to help keep this site great.


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Moderator or not you can still contribute to the quality of the site by doing what you are already doing.....speaking up for decency.

I never had any interest in being a mod. before but now I feel as you do that something needs to be done and someone has to do some house cleaning and I would be willing to do that.
Hard to believe.

Keep up the good work wetling!


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I think that having one moderator per forum isn't enough. Even the most dedicated members here need sleep and a vacation from time to time. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, since for instance the support forum only needs to be moderated once a year. But this isn't the case with some of the other forums, which seem to need constant monitoring by the moderators.

Two moderators should easily be able to handle one forum though, as long as they've got clear guidelines from the administrators. They shouldn't have to worry about offending members if they delete/edit posts, as long as they can justify their actions by those guidelines. I don't see any reason why people should be allowed to post links to warez/porn sites, if people want such material (I know most do) they can find it elsewhere, it's hardly difficult. And what's up with all the people asking for serial numbers in the Software forum, haven't they learned how to use a search engine ? Why are they bothering us with such posts ?

And we need to get some of the OffTopicers (they seem to have formed their own clan) to visit other forums.
Name db 4fh, 75h, 74h, 6ch, 61h, 77h, 36h, 39h is a good example of what they should do, he's started posting answers to questions (Although he really enjoys quoting the MS Knowledge Base)
(Nothing wrong with that, there's a lot of useful information there)

I think that a "Super Moderator"
could be hard to find

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They already employ 'super-moderators' that are doing an effective job.
The very same moderators of this forum have complete control of the other forums, as well.
They are active in conveying their thoughts to the members, and are very willing to accept your input.


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That is a great idea.
no that wont work.
how about this, No, we did't think of it.
well how about,naaa
ok how about this,no way.
but are very willing to accept your input.

I tryed that and it did not work...
no you dont need 2 mods.
wtf where did he come from.

time to get more stock bye.

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